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Safety first: every car should be installed with a reversing camera. So the question is, which rear view camera installation style is right for you? Find out how we can make your journey a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Car stereo Reverse cameras

Reverse camera ready head unit

Most new double DIN car stereos have a reversing camera input, making it easy and fast to install a reversing camera kit. It also gives you all of the awesome features that the head unit will bring – like Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto! 

Reversing camera kit

Depending on the car make and model, and whether it’s a factory head unit or aftermarket, a replacement camera kit that plugs into your existing head unit can be a fast installation method. 

Rear view mirror cameras

Reaplcement mirror monitor

This replaces your current rear-view mirror with a reversing camera monitor that turns on when your put the car into reverse. The position means that you’ll forget you ever had the replacement reversing camera installed.

Clip on rear view mirror

These are a great option for those who don’t have a head unit compatible with reversing cameras and have tinted windows so they don’t suffer from sun-strike.

More questions about Reversing camera?

Answer a few quick questions to see which option is right for you. Or watch the video below and get in touch.


Do you have a car stereo installed that has a screen?

Brilliant! Depending on the make and model, can wire in a reversing camera kit But just in case, keep answering.

Are you interested in changing your car stereo?

That’s great. We can steer you in the direction of the right head unit for you and your car.

A new stereo make reversing camera installation much easier. It also gives you all the features of newer head units, like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto!

This option can also be cheaper than wiring a new reversing camera into an existing head unit. Check out our range of car stereos in our shop.

Do you have tinted windows?

Your best installation is a clip on rearview mirror. Quick, easy, and already in a position you naturally look when reversing. These are wireless reversing camera kits. Nice and tidy.

Sweet, a new reversing camera kit is what you need.

Want something easy to use?

The best camera for you is a replacement mirror monitor.

It replaces your current rear-view mirror with a reversing camera monitor that turns on when your put the car into reverse.

Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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