Safety first: every car should be installed with a reversing camera. So the question is, which rear view camera installation style is right for you? We’ve narrowed down the decisions for you. Simply answer the four questions below to find out how we can make your journey a safer and more enjoyable experience. 




An integral part of the modern car equipment is a reversing camera. Not only does it assist in parking, and give an extra layer of protection against pesky scratches and prangs, but it adds protection for the little ones in your life.

“All-too-often we are called to tragedies involving children hit by reversing cars. We support any moves that will result in a reduction of needless deaths and injuries.” – Jaimes Wood, chief executive of St John.

There are two installation styles: through a head unit so you can see the reverse camera monitor on screen, or a car rear view camera mirror mount. But there is more! Answer these four questions to find out what is right for you.


Do you have a car stereo installed that has a screen? 

Yes: Brilliant! We might be able to wire in a reversing camera kit so that you can see behind you on your car stereo screen. Depending on the car make and model, and whether it’s a factory head unit or aftermarket, this can be a fast installation method, but read below just in case.

No: Read on.


Are you interested in changing your car stereo?

Yes: That’s great. We can steer you in the direction of the right head unit for you and your car. A new stereo not only gives you easier reversing camera installation, but also all of the awesome features that the head unit will bring – like Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto! Hands-free phone use at it’s best. This option can also be cheaper than wiring a new reversing camera into an existing head unit. Some car manufacturers don’t make it easy! Check out our range of car stereos in our shop.

No: No problem, we still have a solution for you. Read on.


Do you have tinted windows? 

Yes: What a cool dude! Also, you’re best installation is a windscreen mounted rear view camera. Quick, easy and already in a position you naturally look when reversing. These are wireless reversing camera kits. Nice and tidy.

No: Windscreen mounted reversing camera’s might not be best for you – they can have sun strike that could impair your vision. There’s one more way…


Want something easy to use?

Yes: Of course you do! So do we. All of the above are easy to use reversing cameras, but this installation is best for you: A replacement mirror monitor. It replaces your current rear-view mirror with a reversing camera monitor that turns on when your put the car into reverse. Exact same position means that you’ll forget you ever had the replacement reversing camera installed.

No: Your joking right? Give us a call, we’ll see what we can do. 


Get protected with a reversing camera system installation today.