The three BlackVue DR750X-3CH dash cameras at JC Installs.

Dash cam installation

An invaluable evidence tool for settling on-road disputes, parking issues and insuarnce claims. Get peace of mind on road and off.

Dash cam channels

1 Channel: Front camera

The plug and play of dash cams.

2 Channel: front & Rear cameras

Twice the protection with front and rear facing cameras.

3 Channel: front, rear & internal cameras

Perfect for those that need an eye on the inside.

Remote access & Mobile notifications

The ultimate in added security, LTE model dash cams send you notifications when their impact sensor and motion detectors are set off. They’ll also be recording to the cloud.


Blackvue dash cams

Some of the best dash cams on the market. Blackvue have a huge range of options and accessories to fit any vehicle. They have pioneered cloud storage and remote access via there easy-to-use app.  


Viofo dash cams

A high quality and reliable entry level dash cam brand. Viofo brings all the functionality of a standard dash cam system, including WiFi and GPS.

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