There is nothing more drool-worthy than custom auto sound and security seamlessly integrated into a vehicle. On top of looking great through fibre-glass, vinyl and carpeting, it sounds better with sound deadening to minimise crackle and audio enclosures that maximise reverb. Get that professional home-theatre sound in your car.


An audio enclosure realigns sounds, amplifying and removing unwanted reverb, getting the best out of speakers and amplifiers. And a custom build will perfectly fit into your car, minimising space needed for the best audio experience.

Fibreglass, carpeting & vinyl

The final layer of your custom install is incorporating your new equipment seamlessly into your existing interior decor. You’d never know we were there once the carpet’s fitted and the vinyl shaped.

Sound Deadening

Win the rattle battle with sound deadening. 

Sound deadening is an absolute must if you are building a high end audio system, or if you’re just looking to get an increase from your current system whilst reducing the amount of road noise that you hear in your vehicle. We highly recommend the ZeroFlex and Stinger brands.

Learn about the application, installation, uses, and benefits of sound deadening, and give us a call for an installation consultation.

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