Car Audio is personal. Talk to our team about what you are looking for and we will design a solution for you. A new car radio headunit installed? We got you. Subwoofer, speakers and a fully customised vehicle integration? We can help there too. We’re always striving to give our customers the best sound quality that their equipment can make and create solutions with you at the centre.

Audiophiles! We have a section especially for you too. Find out about some of the brands that bring the boom.




The head unit (car radio) is the nerve-centre that provides a unified hardware interface for your entire auto sound and security system. There are four reasons to get an upgrade in your factory kit:

1. They expand your entertainment options: radio, USB inputs, Bluetooth and wifi.
2. They increase sound quality by providing the user precise control over volume, band, frequency, speaker balance, speaker fade, bass, treble, EQ and more.
3. They allow easy integration with amplifiers, speakers, and security systems, in-car entertainment and more.
4. They look good.

We have a great range of single and double DIN head units from the best manufacturers including Sony, Alpine, Kenwood, and many more. Talk to us about what’s important to you and we can match the perfect head unit. Ask about our car head unit installation.



There is a smorgasbord of speakers on the market with something to suit every music style,  and how hard you listen. There are two systems: full-range speakers, containing all speaker elements, and a component system that includes separate woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers designed to work in concert with one other. 

Upgrade your speakers to enjoy more realistic, “live” sounding music. Get in touch to find out more about your audio installation and car speaker system packages



Want to turn it up? Amplifiers are integral components that provide power and volume to your car tunes so that you can listen at the level you want.

Think of an amp as an “outboard” that powers more speakers and achieves better sound quality. Without it, you can never experience high-quality music reproduction in your car. Talk to us about your options to amplify your music experience. 




After a particular sound? Looking to time align, distance, level, and de-EQ your factory system? A Digital Sound Processor or DSP is designed for those that never settle. A DSP will allow the user to adjust every minor part of the sound produced to ensure that the final sound is perfect for their application. In a world where every car is different, where every panel is made from a different material, it’s difficult to simply just put audio gear in and go, although it will work, usually very well, a DSP is designed to ensure that no matter the circumstance, all you are left with is the feeling that you are right there In the flesh.

A DSP is a lot like tuning an aftermarket ECU for your modified car, by adjusting the fine aspects of sound, we’re able to deliver almost unmatched quality, from both aftermarket and factory integrated setups. It’s a must for those that are looking for a no compromises solution. Talk to us about how night and day a proper DSP setup is.



Have a Japanese car and getting frustrated with the lack of FM stations? You need a band expander. A band expander is connected inline between the radio and the antenna, to downshift the frequency to get all of the radio stations you rock out to.


You’re serious about your sound quality (SQL), or you like your stereo bass to hit loud and hard (SPL). You’ve come to right place.

We offer exceptional brands that can make your car audio dreams come true. These include: Audison for those who enjoy their sound quality, ZeroFlex for those who love their bass, Hertz for those who want optimal sound in both low and high end, Stinger cables and sound deadening and our new ranges: Rainbow, AudioControl, and Zapco.


In the year 1979, a quest was undertaken to produce the perfect sound, which led technicians from various electrical backgrounds to work together and create what we know as Audison. Audison are all about their high fidelity sound. They create and manufacture digital sound processors (DSP), amplifiers, speakers, and much more to meet your audiophile needs!

Here at JC Installs perfection is our aim, so it only makes sense for us to use such a high-quality brand in our work, one which harnesses perfection through simplicity. We have chosen what we believe to be the best of the Audison range to offer to you at the greatest value: Bit, Voce, and Prima. From these three we are able to customise and design the perfect system for you.

Bit Range – Digital Sound Processors (DSP)

The Bit range is for those people who love to seriously dial in their sound. With the incredible DSP technonolgy, the Bit range can turn any factory stereo system into a high-performing car audio sound machine. Not only does it support full factory integration by leaving a vehicle’s factory head-unit alone, it also provides software for equalisation, time alignment, channel selection, and so much more.

If you are serious about your sound, enquire with us about a DSP upgrade for your vehicle.

N.B: Amplifiers must also be used in conjunction with all Bit products.

Voce Range – Amplifiers, Speakers, and Subwoofers

Discover detail like you have never heard before. Listen to music the way the producers intended with the incredible Voce range. The Voce range is for those serious about their sound quality. It boasts top-notch gear and is some of the best we can get our hands on.

Voce is home to the legendary AV 6.5 component speakers, installed time and time again by us at JC Installs with outstanding results. The range is incredibly versatile and is best matched with an Audison digital sound processor. They can neatly fit into any vehicle’s system to take the sound to the next level.

Prima Range – Amplifiers, Digital Sound Processors and Speakers

One step down from the Voce range comes the Prima range, perfect for those who are new to, and interested in, the art of sound quality. Prima is home to some real favourites of ours – the AP8.9 bit, and the AP 6.5 component speakers.

What makes the AP8.9 bit so special is that it’s an amplifier, but also a DSP! How’s that for factory integration!? The AP8.9 bit has the best of both worlds, Bit technology for sound processing, and built in amplification. This product can turn any car into something special, and with it’s small size it’s perfect for an incredible factory integration.

ZeroFlex is the first name that should come to mind when you think of true bass. They provide a range of subwoofers, amplifiers, and pure copper cable – paramount to making supreme bass audio systems. ZeroFlex is a New Zealand owned and operated company that specialises in  high-end SQL audio products from various brands, and supply their very own SPL audio products

Whether you are simply looking for a decent boom, or a glass shattering system, ZeroFlex can accommodate. Their subwoofers range from 12″ to 18″ and are reasonably priced. Their amps pack plenty of power, easily in excess of 1000W RMS. And to finish it off they provide exceptional copper cable, perfect for the job.

You’ll be blown away by the true power of ZeroFlex!

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Hertz’s philosophy is based around the idea of being a performanced based company that strives to create the best sound possible for a customers listening experience.

Since launching Hertz in 1998 they haven’t stopped innovating, and hence have received numerous industry awards from the wide range of autosound products they sell. We use Hertz products on a regular basis here at JC, especially their brilliant Energy range, which provides good low end bass as well as a forceful high end due to their RHFC (Rotary High Frequency Contour) seen on many of their coaxial speakers.

If you’re looking for speaker installations that will do everything and won’t break the bank in doing so, Hertz is more than proven to accommodate.

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Stinger provides the high end audio equipment that often gets overlooked when building great sounding systems. These overlooked aspects come in the form of RCA cables, pure copper power cabling, and sound deadening. These three aspects are essential to building sound systems and are needed take it to the next level.

To supplement this, sound deadening is an absolute must if you are building a high end audio system, or if you’re just looking to get an increase from your current system whilst reducing the amount of road noise that you hear in your vehicle.

Take a look at our video below where we explain all the ins and outs of sound deadening, and also give you a deep insight into it’s application, installation, uses, and benefits.