The Kenwood Hi-Res 17cm Component Speakers set KFC-XH170C.

Car audio installation

Each car is as unique as its driver and needs different car audio solutions. You may love listening to AC/DC loud and proud in your Mini, or Mozart in your Land Cruiser. Maybe you’re a techno head who loves a classic car. We have ways of keeping that factory look and still giving you the sounds you want.

We strive to give our customers the best sound quality that their equipment can make and create solutions with you at the centre. Talk to our team about what you are looking for and we will find or design a solution for you.

Car stereos

A new head unit can improve your driving experience ten-fold with up-to-date tech features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The head unit (car stereo) is the nerve-centre that provides a unified hardware interface for your entire auto sound and security system. Installing an after market car stereo can increase sound quality and allow easy integration with amplifiers, speakers, and security systems, iDatalink Maestro, in-car entertainment and more.

We have a great range of single and double DIN head units from the best manufacturers including Sony, Kenwood, JVC and many more.


There is a smorgasbord of speakers on the market with something to suit every music style,  and how hard you listen. There are two systems: full-range speakers, containing all speaker elements, and a component system that includes separate woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers designed to work in concert with one other.

Upgrade your speakers to enjoy more realistic, live sounding music. Find the right speaker size for you.


For extra depth of sound that you feel through your whole body look at new subs.

Subs have come a long way in a short time. There are now subwoofers to fit most vehicles; slimline and under-seat, sealed boxed or ported, active and passive. There are even vehicle specific subs that mold perfectly to your car.

Whatever the sound level you like to listen, we can help.


Want to turn it up? Amplifiers are integral components that provide power and volume to your car tunes so that you can listen at the level you want.

Think of an amp as an “outboard” that powers more speakers and achieves better sound quality. Without it, you can never experience high-quality music reproduction in your car.

Digital Sound Processors (DSP)

After a particular sound? Looking to time align, distance, level, and de-EQ your factory system? A Digital Sound Processor or DSP is designed for those that never settle. A DSP will allow the user to adjust every minor part of the sound produced to ensure that the final sound is perfect for their application. 

A DSP is a lot like tuning an aftermarket ECU for your modified car, by adjusting the fine aspects of sound, we’re able to deliver almost unmatched quality, from both aftermarket and factory integrated setups. It’s a must for those that are looking for a no compromises solution.