radar detectors

Know your true speed and cruise at the speed you are comfortable with a car radar detector. Find out about some of the best radars made for New Zealand conditions.

We also install on-dash and stealth radar detector systems, and manufacture custom hard-wire cables in our Christchurch workshop.

Stealth installed radars

Stealth installed radars are the ultimate in radar detection. They provide you with the best level of detection, eliminate the risk of unwanted attention and prying eyes, and keep the dashboard looking pristine.

Radar Brands:

Genevo and Stinger

On-dash Radar Detectors

On-dash radars are the best for those who switch their radar between multiple vehicles, or a more affordable option. Read on for more about the best radars in the New Zealand market.

Radar Brands:

Genevo, Uniden


Genevo Stealth Radar Detectors

Genevo produce two built-in, or stealth, radar detectors adapted to New Zealand conditions. In fact, they are the only radar producers that have a New Zealand specific model.

During product development, an emphasis was put on the best functionality, user-friendliness and simplicity of installation.

The Genovo GPS database captures the usual suspects such as fixed speed cameras, red-light cameras, and remembers false alerts.

Both the Pro and the Pro II models can have extra antennas and laser jammers.


Stinger VIP HD Stealth installed Radar Detector (NZ)

The most advanced radar and laser defense system ever built, pooling together the best in radar and military technology. This system is meant for those who want the best, the top shelf.

Packages can include additional antennas and laser jammers.


Uniden On-dash radar detectors

These on-dash radar detectors are a good-performing basic radar that quickly pick up New Zealand road conditions. And they’re portable. This might be for you if your daily is different to your cruiser.

The R8NZ comes with front and rear antennas.

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