Stinger VIP stealth Radar Detector

The most advanced radar and laser defence system ever built.


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Product Details

If you’re a high performance driver who wants the very best in radar and laser protection, the Stinger VIP is the system that is best for you. The Stinger VIP is simply the most advanced radar protection system available in New Zealand.

Fully integrated protection against every kind of electronically enforced speed traps with the thinnest, most modern, and most effective antenna. The VIP’s alerting is revolutionary in its simplicity. Quiet but loud and clear when it has to be, allowing you to fully focus on driving. Simple pictograms and colour coding. At any time, green means ‘relax’, yellow ‘suppressed alert’ and red ‘full alert’.

It’s GPS database comes preloaded with all of the known fixed speed camera locations around New Zealand, plus it will give the most advanced warning on speed camera vans and police patrol cars while virtually eliminating false alerts – faster. Undetectable, and virtually invisible in your car as well.


vip-screen-radar-alert_intThe VIP marks the introduction of Stinger’s next generation patch technology, giving its HD Antenna by far the highest accuracy available in speed trap protection.

Where Stinger’s ‘standard’ SA Antenna already stands out in precision, the brand new HD Antenna takes measurement certainty to the extreme, with an accuracy of 0.0001 GHz. And with reason, for more accuracy means less falsing*.


Color-coded-screens_intExperience target view screens and you will never have to wonder where exactly the speed trap is. It shows whether radar* comes from ahead, the side, or the rear (requires front and rear HD Antennas on your car), laser* is shot at you from ahead or behind (requires front and rear Lasers on your car), and has a proximity indicator for SpotList alerts.


Stingers are relatively quiet co-pilots already. But with the latest 3.0 version, the completely new FalseListing platform makes your Stinger so quiet that it may make you think you switched off the sound.

The new VIP software comes with further improved filtering features that can stop erroneous in-car and out-of-car radar sources from ever bothering you.

All Round Protection

Radar Alerting, Laser Alerting, LaserShield, SpotList Alerting, Section Alerting, Safety Signals. All on one display. All fully integrated. All automatically user updatable by hooking up your VIP USB key to your Mac (or PC).


Stinger radar detectors programmed for New Zealand with:

  • local GPS database
  • local support
  • local warranty

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