Audison Prima APX Series Coaxial Speakers


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The APX series speakers are the coaxial counter-part to the Audison APK range. Audison, along with all their other products, spend countless hours ensuring that the product released is fit for application. In this instance it is just the same as the APK variant in that it exceeds almost all expectations with a brilliant response to recreate music the way it should be.

With the woofer and tweeter combined, this set of speakers meets the market for those that do not already have tweeter mounts in their vehicle, and do not want to move into that market. The APX’s offer a coaxial speaker without the compromise, by being able to deliver similar sound to that of a component (separate woofer and tweeter) set in a coaxial fashion.

Looking for a set of coaxials that offer a full range of sound and don’t want to break the bank? These are the speakers for you!

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